People gathered round a table with a laptop and coffee

Pioneer School, Leicester

We are delighted that Pioneer School is back in Leicester this coming year!

Venue: The Stable House, Kilworth House, North Kilworth LE 17 6JE

Cost: £245 for all resources and drinks, please bring your own lunch

Dates:18th Nov 2017

          20th Jan 2018

          17th March 2018

          5th May 2018

          16th Jun 2018

          7th Jul 2018

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Computer screen with the word START in large font

This week

This week I had a conversation with someone who asked me the question 'If you could do one small thing to move this situation forward, what would it be?' This made me realise that sometimes taking action, no matter how small the action seems, is the catalyst for change. In otherwords, sometimes you just have to start!

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The numbers 2017 standing beside the sea, with the i as a person jumping in the air

Happy New Year!

I love celebrating the new year! It brings with it endless possiblities and opportunities, just waiting to emerge.

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