NEWS RELEASE – Closure of the Centre for Pioneer Learning

It was announced this week that the Centre for Pioneer Learning is closing.

At its launch in September 2014 CPL set out its vision for equipping, encouraging and releasing pioneers to participate in the mission of God. Since then, this is what we have been doing through the delivery of our Pioneer School, networking pioneers, advocacy, advice and consultancy.

The trustees believe that CPL has played an active part in changing the conversation in the church about pioneering across the church. Over the last decade the response of the mainstream denominations to pioneering and fresh expressions has been significant, and the development of experience and expertise within these church streams has grown substantially. Whereas previously pioneering was happening on the edges, now it is being embedded throughout the structures and ministerial formation processes.

This is a source of rejoicing, and a sign of our vision being fulfilled. That said, however, the consequence for CPL is that the experience and expertise we were able to curate through our work is now frequently being delivered from within the denominations themselves. In recent months, the trustees have been prayerfully considering the future of CPL and have now decided to close the charity. It was agreed that although CPL had been part of that changing landscape, promoting pioneering and helping it to become ‘mainstream’, CPL has fulfilled its vocation and served its purpose.

The trustees are in conversation with Ridley Hall about a service of thanksgiving for the work of CPL. The purpose of this event is to acknowledge and give gratitude to God for those who have contributed to its ministry: to the donors, the prayer supporters, and particularly to the former directors, Dave Male and Nicky Redsell.

The date of this service will be determined by the end of the Covid-19 restrictions. Nevertheless, the trustees are proceeding with the formal closure of the charity and as part of this, they will be dispersing the remaining resources equally to the ongoing work amongst pioneers at Fresh Expressions, Ridley Hall and the Diocese of Ely.

More details about the service of thanksgiving will be circulated when a date has been confirmed. The trustees want to thank all those who have contributed towards the ministry of CPL, and partnered in the mission of God.

For more information about the closure please contact us through our contact page…