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This week

This week I had a conversation with someone who asked me the question 'If you could do one samll thing to move this situation forward, what would it be?' This got me thinking that sometimes taking action, no matter how small the action seems, is the catalyst for change. In otherwords, sometimes you just have to start!

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The numbers 2017 standing beside the sea, with the i as a person jumping in the air

Happy New Year!

I love celebrating the new year! It brings with it endless possiblities and opportunities, just waiting to emerge.

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Field of sunflowers


I have always loved sunflowers. I have a favourite mug with Van Gogh's Sunflower painting on, I have sunflower coasters and countless other sunflower 'stuff' that makes me smile. 

I often wonder why I love these flower so much. The bright yellow colour is a good start and the way they seem to nod their heads in agreement with my every idea and plan. The image of fields of sunflowers brings back memories of a cherished holiday, which in turn reminds me of family and warmth and a well earned rest.

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Two mountaineers helping each other climb to the top of a mountain

Pioneer School, Cambridge 2016/17

Pioneer School is back in Cambridge and the dates are out for 2016/17. If you are working in a pioneering context and are looking for inspiration and support, this is the place for you. 

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Image of a tree with blue sky behind

Pioneer Retreat 2016

Join us for our Pioneer Community Retreat, led by Rev Adrian Chatfield 

9 - 12 May 2016, at Launde Abbey - limited places!

We frequently have busy, demanding lives. Sometimes it is only by pausing that we allow enough space for God to renew our spirits. We love the fact that this can be enhanced by gathering alongside others. CPL retreats seek to allow the dynamics of community to minister to each of those present, whilst providing plenty of space for those who prefer personal reflection.


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Two climbers helping each other reach the top of a mountain

Pioneer School, Leicester 2015

Exciting new venue for Pioneer School in 2015, in collaboration with Leicester Diocese

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CPL logo

CPL vision

CPL exists to send out, resource and support a generation of pioneers who will transform lives, shape their wider communities and help to renew the Church

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